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Try out new F1 stats graphics from Motorsport Stats

Motorsport Stats graph

As part of the continuous evolution of our Formula 1 coverage, we've teamed up with our sister business, Motorsport Stats, to create a suite of widgets to add a new dimension to our analysis.

Fans will have the chance to check out in-depth statistics before and after every grand prix next year, and here's a sneak preview of an early release of the work that is underway for the 2018 season.

At this time, the widgets are beta versions and we're looking forward to hearing your opinions, thoughts and insights after having sampled the data visualisations below.

Driver at venue

This distils each driver's performance at a particular track, so a selected driver's capability at Monza or Montreal can be visualised alongside any two of his competitors.

The widget displays a driver's average grid position and his positions lost or gained over his grid slot. And while historical data is no guarantee of future performance, the numbers are a useful precursor to what we might see in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

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We've also calculated an algorithm that orders each track in rank preference for the drivers, based on their historical performance at each venue since 2011.

Where race finishing position provides no clear preference, the algorithm considers other performance variables such as qualifying performance. And interestingly, Felipe Massa seems to have a particular affinity for Yas Marina based on his six consecutive points finishes including a podium in 2014, topped only by Brazilian's record at Monza.

Driver season to date

This provides a visualised comparison of any two drivers' race start and finish position over the course of the season, emphatically charting the discrepancy in Sebastian Vettel's bid to stay the pace with Lewis Hamilton following the Italian Grand Prix earlier this year, for example.

Pitlane performance

While the fastest stop is a well publicised accolade, the 'pitlane performance' widget takes a more considered view of stop times across the season.

By discarding drivers' fastest and slowest 10% of pitstop times, the data is normalised to show which drivers actually win out across the year. Despite his mid-season change of berth, Carlos Sainz Jr seems to have taken the pit stop pixies with him as the fastest man in pit road.

Penalty tracking

In football or rugby, a referee's propensity to wave a yellow or red card is well understood by the players and the fans alike. So we decided to apply the same scrutiny to the stewards who pass judgement on driver indiscretions over the race weekend.

Our analysis suggests drivers should be wary of being demob happy this weekend in Abu Dhabi as the stewarding panel contains none other than Enzo Spano from the Automobile and Touring Club of Venezuela, the steward who has on average issued more penalties than any other of his colleagues this season.

The dropdown menu at the top of the graphic swaps the stewarding penalty count to for the current driver penalty status, graduated from red through orange to green, depending how close a driver is to a grid penalty. Click on Daniil Kyvat's tile to see precisely where he was sent to the naughty step during the year.

We'd welcome your feedback on these beta widgets so we can use the winter to further hone these to include in our reporting next season. Please send your thoughts to

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