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Lewis Hamilton to start F1 Brazilian GP from pits after crash

Lewis Hamilton crash Brazil F1 2017

Lewis Hamilton will start Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix from the pitlane after the Mercedes Formula 1 team broke parc ferme conditions to fit new parts.

The four-time world champion crashed into the barriers at the fast uphill Ferradura right hander on his first flying lap in qualifying at Interlagos.

As Hamilton was set to start from the back of the field anyway, Mercedes has opted to fit parts "of a different specification to those used in qualifying".

Mercedes says it will also fit a new engine, with Hamilton moving onto his fifth internal combustion engine, MGU-H and turbocharger.

"I was just taken by surprise," Hamilton told reporters after the session. "The car bottomed out a bit.

"If you look at the replay, the car is bottoming throughout the corner.

"Often when it bottoms, it stalls the floor, and that often happens when the car is cold and the tyres are cold. These sort of things happen.

"I hadn't gone in there any quicker than I had done before, anything like that, but it's my fault and I should take full responsibility."

When asked if it was easier to take given the championship has already been decided, Hamilton said: "It feels the same as it would at another point in season.

"It's less painful as the championship is done but I still feel it just as much.

"I take a lot of pride in my commitment and how I drive.

"I haven't made any mistakes all year and it's been a long time since I've put the car in the wall. But it happens.

"Once it happens, there's no point dwelling on it. All I can do is keep my head high and move forwards.

"It had been a good weekend up until then. Hopefully you can tell I've not lifted off the gas and backing off. I was going for it. But I'm human still.

"I'm starting from the pitlane, it's not the most exciting but you can only go forwards from there. I will try to give it everything I've got."

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