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Planned Dutch Grand Prix return: Formula 1 fans have their say

Max Verstappen fans

Formula 1's owner Liberty Media has been open in its desire to expand the calendar and a Dutch Grand Prix has now been mooted.

F1 chiefs have begun discussing a future Dutch GP that could take place on either the streets of Amsterdam or Rotterdam, rather than return to Zandvoort for the first time since 1985.

The number of races in an F1 season is capped at 25 and it is said that up to 40 venues have expressed interest in hosting a race.

F1 fans have had their say on whether the championship should return to the Netherlands, and where it should be hosted if it does. Here is a selection of comments from the Autosport Forum:

Laster: I really don't like this push for street races. It is rare they make for good tracks, we could easily end up with another Sochi.

The track is every bit as important in creating exciting races as the cars themselves. If a track fails to produce opportunities for overtakes then you get lame races at the venue year after year.

I would rather F1 went to tracks made for racing, rather than streets adapted for it once a year.

Requiem84: Singapore has become a classic race. Baku has the ingredients to become a classic, Montreal is a classic, Monaco is a classic...

I think the direction F1 is aiming to go is more of an atmospheric vibe. I'm sure they would love to show all kinds of panoramic shots when the cars are running through the city centre of Amsterdam, where houses all have been built in the 17th century.

If they really want to, I'm sure they can plan a great route in Amsterdam. It would be 'reimagining the impossible', exactly the kind of vibe F1 nowadays wants to ooze.

PayasYouRace: Given that we have a new Dutch hero [Max Verstappen] in F1 I think it would be a great idea.

phrank: The only realistic, but unpopular apparently, option is an updated Assen. But I think Liberty is mistaken to think that because of Max' popularity cities and financers are lining up for such an event.

SBR: You can hardly drive your car through the centre of Amsterdam, let alone an F1 car. If we're having a GP here it's going to be a street circuit.

Rotterdam is the most viable option for hosting a GP. The roads are relatively wide, the city is easy to reach and can handle all the spectators coming in.

I say let's make it happen!

statman: Nobody cares about culture or history. All that matters is: Is it good promotion for the city/will the city be mentioned heavily? Can we finance the event? Can we make the logistics work? If the answers are yes, it's a go.

Risil: If they could make it work at Zandvoort, I think that would be a triple-A brilliant plan. It would require an enormous amount of investment and planning not to ruin everything that makes Zandvoort special.

But the seaside location and proximity to Benelux, Western Germany and parts of the UK and France tell me that if they do it well, it could become central to motor racing in northern Europe.

Much like Assen has always been for fans of bike racing. If that's ever going to happen, it'll be now...

JHSingo: No more street circuits, please.

ArrowsLivery: Street tracks are usually boring, so I would rather not see more joining the calendar.

DutchQuickSilver: God no, a street race wouldn't work. We have two great circuits, whom with some adjustments, could host an F1 race.

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