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Motorsport Jobs: How do you find a job in motorsport?

Haas F1 mechanics grid 2017

Motorsport is a complex business, so finding the perfect job can be a real struggle.

Most motorsport companies use job boards e.g. Indeed, Glassdoor, to advertise their jobs. The downside to this is, dealing with hundreds of jobs every day, this could ultimately leave candidates swamped with the wrong jobs.

In-house recruitment is extremely popular, it is a cost-effective solution, giving the company control over their recruitment process - subsequently this will limit the reach of candidates that a job board can achieve.

Larger companies can rely on in-house recruitment, due to their distinctive brand and an understanding that candidates would have heard of the business.

Job fairs?

Job fairs and recruitment events are a great way for jobseekers and companies to meet. They allow the two parties to interact on a face to face basis, giving the jobseeker a better understanding of the job requirements and company ethos.

Automotive Jobs Fair

The Motorsport Industry Association hosts a job fair in association with the National Motorsport Academy at the Silverstone Circuit every year. This event has some of the most prestigious universities in the country attending, as well as some of the biggest names in motorsport, such asMercedes and Haas F1.

These events are aimed at graduates looking to make their first step into motorsport; large companies like Mercedes have internship schemes that give graduates real-world experience while learning the necessary skills.

Experience and internships

Motorsport is so competitive that finding the perfect job straight away is extremely rare. Either you gain experience via an internship/apprenticeship, or work within a job associated with motorsport.

F1 marshals British GP 2017

If you're lucky enough to get a job in motorsport, then gaining the relevant skills is vital in career progression. Finding your second job can be slightly easier as you have already gained vital knowledge in a work environment, but there is no question that every job is fiercely competitive.

The saying 'It's not what you know, it's who you know', can apply when searching for a job in motorsport. Collecting contacts in all areas of motorsport will get your name out there and increase the likeliness of getting a job.

Motorsport Jobs will easily allow candidates to find motorsport relevant jobs without the hassle of trawling through the internet for a specific job.

Jobs range from senior engineers to marshals, not just in the UK but across the globe, reaching a potentially massive audience. As a global sport, motorsport is in dire need of a comprehensive job platform that caters for all motorsport careers.

Motorsport jobs

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