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Neel Jani keeps #1 Porsche on top after 15 hours of Le Mans

#1 Porsche 919 Le Mans 2017

Porsche's commanding lead of the Le Mans 24 Hours remains intact with the race neutralised behind the safety car.

With Neel Jani now behind the wheel of the #1 Porsche 919 he shares with Andre Lotterer and Nick Tandy, the leaders have 10 laps in hand over the #13 Rebellion ORECA driven by Nelson Piquet.

The delayed #2 Porsche was continuing its recovery drive until the safety car was deployed and is currently 10th overall in the hands of Timo Bernhard.

Sebastien Buemi remains at the wheel of the sole remaining Toyota, which is now 27th after making an extended stop to replace a motor-generator unit.


Piquet in the #13 Rebellion ORECA has claimed second overall and the LMP2 class lead but is yet to make its latest pitstop.

The #38 Jackie Chan DC Racing ORECA pitted during a safety car period caused by a massive crash for Emmanuel Collard in the #28 TDS ORECA at the Porsche Curves.

Ho-Pin Tung has replaced Oliver Jarvis in the #38 machine and is just eight seconds behind Piquet.

The second Rebellion with Julien Canal at the wheel remains in third.


The #91 Porsche of Richard Lietz led at the 15-hour mark, albeit running to a different pitstop schedule than the #95 Aston Martin which is currently second in class and running just behind the Porsche on the road behind one of the safety cars.

With nine of the GTE Pro cars still on the same lap, and those on Michelins able to triple-stint their tyres, pitstops regularly shake up the order and the final picture may not become apparent until later in the race.

The safety car fell unkindly for the two AF Corse cars, which had to pit while the course was neutralised, and the #71 entry was briefly pushed back into the garage.

Chevrolet benefitted from the safety car timing for the #63 Corvette to pass both AF Corse Ferraris and remain in formation behind third-placed Daniel Serra in the second works Aston and the #67 Ford of Andy Priaulx.

The #84 JMW Ferrari driven by Robert Smith, Will Stevens and Dries Vanthoor maintains its GTE Am lead, with a lap in hand over the #55 Spirit of Race Ferrari currently driven by Marco Cioci.


1LMP1#1 PorscheJani, Lotterer, Tandy233
2LMP2#13 OrecaPiquet Jr, H. Hansson, Beche222+ 11 Laps
3LMP2#38 OrecaTung, Laurent, Jarvis222+ 6.689s
4LMP2#31 OrecaProst, Canal, Senna221+ 12 Laps
5LMP2#35 AlpinePanciatici, Ragues, Negrao221+ 4.779s
6LMP2#40 OrecaAllen, Matelli, Bradley220+ 13 Laps
7LMP2#32 LigierOwen, De Sadeleer, Albuquerque220+ 2m09.256s
8LMP2#37 OrecaCheng, Gommendy, Brundle220+ 4m13.858s
9LMP2#24 OrecaGraves, Hirschi, Vergne220+ 4m25.581s
10LMP1#2 PorscheBernhard, Bamber, Hartley216+ 17 Laps
11LMP2#23 LigierBarthez, Buret, Berthon216+ 7.342s
12LMP2#34 LigierMoore, Hanson, Chandhok214+ 19 Laps
13LMP2#47 DallaraLacorte, Sernagiotto, Belicchi214+ 2m06.837s
14LMP2#28 OrecaPerrodo, Vaxiviere, Collard213+ 20 Laps
15LMP2#36 AlpineDumas, Menezes, Rao208+ 25 Laps
16LMP2#17 LigierLafargue, Lafargue, Zollinger207+ 26 Laps
17LMP2#33 LigierNicolet, Nicolet, Maris207+ 2m20.964s
18GTE Pro#91 PorscheLietz, Makowiecki, Pilet207+ 4m25.705s
19GTE Pro#95 AstonThiim, Sorensen, Stanaway207+ 4m27.140s
20GTE Pro#71 FerrariRigon, Bird, Molina206+ 27 Laps
21GTE Pro#97 AstonTurner, Adam, Serra206+ 3m06.070s
22GTE Pro#67 FordPriaulx, Tincknell, Derani206+ 3m07.865s
23GTE Pro#63 ChevroletMagnussen, Garcia, Taylor206+ 3m09.599s
24GTE Pro#51 FerrariCalado, Pier Guidi, Rugolo206+ 3m11.701s
25GTE Pro#68 FordHand, Muller, Kanaan206+ 5m29.040s
26LMP2#29 DallaraLammers, Van Eerd, Barrichello206+ 7m22.956s
27LMP1#8 ToyotaBuemi, Davidson, Nakajima205+ 28 Laps
28GTE Pro#69 FordBriscoe, Westbrook, Dixon205+ 3.087s
29GTE Am#84 FerrariSmith, Stevens, Vanthoor203+ 30 Laps
30LMP2#21 OrecaHedman, Hanley, Rosenqvist203+ 1m58.481s
31GTE Am#55 FerrariCameron, Scott, Cioci202+ 31 Laps
32GTE Pro#64 ChevroletGavin, Milner, Fassler202+ 2m13.366s
33GTE Am#77 PorscheRied, Cairoli, Dienst201+ 32 Laps
34GTE Am#99 AstonHoward, Gunn, Bryant201+ 1.780s
35GTE Am#62 FerrariMacneil, Sweedler, Bell201+ 2m23.797s
36GTE Am#61 FerrariMok, Sawa, Griffin201+ 4m18.502s
37GTE Am#83 FerrariKrohn, Jonsson, Bertolini200+ 33 Laps
38GTE Pro#66 FordMucke, Pla, Johnson200+ 2m12.661s
39GTE Am#93 PorscheLong, Al Faisal, Hedlund200+ 2m21.823s
40LMP2#39 OrecaGuibbert, Trouillet, Winslow199+ 34 Laps
41GTE Am#86 PorscheWainwright, Barker, Foster199+ 44m25.603s
42GTE Am#65 FerrariNielsen, Balzan, Curtis199+ 46m42.082s
43GTE Am#90 AstonYoluc, Hankey, Bell199+ 48m51.268s
44GTE Am#98 AstonDalla Lana, Lamy, Lauda199+ 48m52.662s
45LMP2#27 DallaraAleshin, Sirotkin, Shaitar198+ 35 Laps
46GTE Am#54 FerrariFlohr, Castellacci, Beretta198+ 2.821s
47GTE Am#60 FerrariWee, Katoh, Parente198+ 2m23.756s
48LMP2#22 OrecaRojas, Hirakawa, Gutierrez195+ 38 Laps
49LMP2#45 LigierPatterson, Mcmurry, Capillaire192+ 41 Laps
50LMP2#43 RileyKeating, Bleekemolen, Taylor189+ 44 Laps
51GTE Am#50 ChevroletRees, Brandela, Philippon186+ 47 Laps
52GTE Pro#92 PorscheChristensen, Estre, Werner179+ 54 Laps
53LMP2#49 LigierKonopka, Calko, Breukers177+ 56 Laps
54LMP1#9 ToyotaLapierre, Kunimoto, Lopez160Retired
55LMP1#7 ToyotaConway, Kobayashi, Sarrazin154Retired
56LMP2#25 OrecaGonzalez, Trummer, Petrov152Retired
57GTE Pro#82 FerrariVilander, Fisichella, Kaffer72Retired
58LMP2#26 OrecaRusinov, Thiriet, Lynn20Retired
59GTE Am#88 PorscheBachler, Lemeret, Al Qubaisi18Retired
60LMP1#4 EnsoWebb, Kraihamer, Bonanomi7Retired

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