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F1 2017 rule changes questioned by ex-FIA president Max Mosley

Pirelli 2017, Ferrari

Former FIA president Max Mosley believes Formula 1 has gone in the wrong direction with the rule changes being introduced for 2017.

F1 is undergoing a major revamp this year, with wider cars, bigger wings and larger tyres expected to produce much quicker laptimes.

There have already been concerns voiced about the impact the changes are going to have on overtaking, with F1 tyre supplier Pirelli warning there is a risk of processions because overtaking will be so hard.

Mosley told ITV: "My personal view is that it may have gone in the wrong direction.

"I would have gone for less aero and perhaps more mechanical grip.

"Deliberately setting out to make the cars quicker is questionable because all the rules for the last 40 or 50 years brought in by the FIA have been to make the cars slower - either slower or safer, because speed equals danger obviously."

Mosley thinks that F1's new owner Liberty Media should be open-minded about its vision for F1, although he believes its appointment of Ross Brawn to look after the sporting side was a good move.

"Ross completely understands the sport and he understands what needs to be done and he's got an absolutely first class analytical brain," said Mosley.

Brawn, Carey, Bratches

"He'll be an enormous asset to them and that side [sporting] isn't really what Liberty should be doing.

"Ross is outstanding so they made a good choice there."

When asked if Liberty had underestimated the challenge that would come from making F1 better, Mosley said: "It's hard to tell. They may be brilliant and they may have the whole thing completely thought through.

"On the other hand they may find it more difficult than they thought.

"I always imagine if somebody put me in charge of horse racing and said 'right, you've got to sort that out', it always looks easy from the outside.

"You see all the things that you think they're doing wrong.

"And then when you get all the files and the dossiers put in front of you, you find out what's really going on."

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