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Formula 1 drivers pledge to boycott German GP if tyre dramas return

Jean-Eric Vergne tyre failure, British GP 2013Formula 1 drivers have warned that they will boycott the German Grand Prix if there is any repeat of the Silverstone tyre problems over the weekend.

Following a meeting of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) in the Nurburgring paddock on Thursday night, the body issued a strongly worded statement making clear its unhappiness at the current situation in F1.

Although Pirelli is adamant that the Kevlar-belted tyres it has brought to the Nurburgring will not suffer a repeat of the dramatic failures that blighted the race at Silverstone, the GPDA is not fully satisfied.

It has made it clear that if there are problems with the tyres at any point during the German Grand Prix weekend, then its members will withdraw.

The statement said: "The drivers of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association wish to express their deepest concerns about the events that took place at Silverstone.

"We trust that the changes made to the tyres will have the desired results and that similar problems will not occur during the German GP weekend.

"We are ready to drive our cars to the limit, as we always do, and as it is expected by our teams, sponsors and fans.

"However, the drivers have decided that, if similar problems should manifest themselves during the German GP, we shall immediately withdraw from the event, as this avoidable problem with the tyres endangers again the lives of drivers, marshals and fans."

Four drivers suffered blow-outs during the British GP - with Pirelli blaming a combination of low tyre pressures, adverse camber, tyre swapping and kerbs for the problems.

The new Kevlar-belted tyres used in the German GP will be for this event only, with a new specification - featuring 2012 construction and '13 compounds - being used from the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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