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Arrows to Use Cosworth Engines until 2003

The Arrows Formula One team will use Cosworth V10 engines next season in a two-year deal agreed with Grand Prix rivals Jaguar.

Arrows team principal Tom Walkinshaw and Jaguar boss Niki Lauda announced the long-awaited agreement in a news conference at the German Grand Prix. The deal gives Arrows a deal with a major car manufacturer - Ford own Cosworth and Jaguar - after running with an assortment of engines over the years, most recently a Peugeot-based Asiatech.

Arrows announced last month that they were leaving Asiatech at the end of the season. Lauda said Arrows, who have not won a race in 365 starts, would get the same specification engines as Jaguar, and Walkinshaw said he expected Arrows to be in a position to beat Jaguar occasionally next year.

"I know my drivers fancy their chances of beating the Jaguar drivers," Walkinshaw said. "I'd be very surprised if we don't beat them sometimes. The Jaguar engine is probably the equal second best engine in Formula One at the moment and will be one of the top engines next year.

"There is no place to hide now for next season and we've got to deliver," he said. Arrows have scored just one point in 11 races in 2001. Lauda said the deal was a commercial one that stood to benefit both parties.

"Some people might question whether we should be supplying engines to another team until Jaguar Racing starts winning races but you mustn't forget the fact that Cosworth does nothing else but racing," Lauda said. "That is its sole business unlike other engine manufacturers in Formula One who have not always specialised in the art of engineering F1 engines."

Cosworth now join Ferrari and Honda in supplying multiple teams. Ferrari have sold their 2000 season specification engines to Sauber and Prost, while British American Racing and Jordan are powered by Honda. Of the other teams, Mercedes power McLaren while Renault own Benetton and BMW supply engines to Williams. Minardi are currently still seeking a deal and Toyota enter in 2002.

Lauda recalled that Cosworth supplied both McLaren and Benetton as recently as 1993, winning the drivers' world title with Benetton and Michael Schumacher in 1994.

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