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Hungary Preview Quotes: Jordan

Giancarlo Fisichella: "The Hungarian Grand Prix always comes after a few weeks of rest and that is good for everyone. My last race was very frustrating because I thought I had a good car for the points, but reliability issues prevented me from achieving my goal. I hope that Budapest will bring back a strike of luck, which has been avoiding me for quite sometime and I will work hard for a positive result."

Ralph Firman: "With the current heat waves in Europe I am sure that the Hungarian GP will be just as hot as we experienced in Germany though I hope on this occasion that my race lasts beyond the first corner and that I don't become involved in other people's accidents. The Hungaroring will be yet another entirely new circuit for me to learn and from what I have seen it seems technically challenging with lots of changes of direction and very few overtaking opportunities, apart from the first corner. Entering the last quarter of the season, my focus is on doing whatever necessary to qualify, race and finish as well as possible. It has been a frustrating year so far, partly due to lack of development, but the team has worked very hard and I want to reward them as much as I can in order to ensure that we are together in 2004 and able to build on all that we have learned."

Zsolt Baumgartner: After the job I did in Hockenheim I want to help the team collect information to work out their strategy here and I also hope I can provide good entertainment for the Hungarian people. Hungary is one of the most difficult tracks and I imagine it will be hard to drive it for two hours but I've been preparing for the physical challenge and there shouldn't be any problem. The new track is more challenging for drivers with hard braking at the first corner and a lot of g-force. I really enjoyed driving here last year and am looking forward to Friday and the weekend."

Eddie Jordan, Chief Executive: "We are fully committed to making sure Jordan gets the most it can from the rest of this season. It is our target to score points and I have no doubt that we can turn it around. Let's not forget we have won a race this season and Jordan is one of only four teams currently competing in F1 that has won races. There are great people in the team, we're doing something we love and we're giving it our all. The remaining four races will see Jordan Ford fight as fiercely as ever and my hope is that we will be able to reap rewards in the Championship."

Gary Anderson, Director of Race and Test Engineering: "Although there have been some modifications made to the track to hopefully improve overtaking it is still the second slowest circuit on the calendar after Monaco. The need for high downforce on this circuit and the high temperatures normally experienced in Hungary mean it will be a very demanding race for the drivers, cars and tyres. There are very few straights and little opportunity for drivers to take a break and catch their breath so high endurance levels and discipline are essential. The driver's ability in applying himself and driving within his strategy can make or break this type of race. Bridgestone have been working very hard during the summer break and together we're looking forward to a good event. Having Zsolt driving the third car will really help when it comes to making tyre choices, he did a very competent job in Hockenheim."

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